Daniela Demesa

A Red Carpet Story

Today is the culmination of months of hard work: Daniela Demesa will be joining the rest of the Roma cast on the Oscar's red carpet in support of the movie's Best Picture nomination.

A peak not only for many filmmakers and actors alike Daniela's red carpet debut coincided with her first award show moment. A time to celebrate and reflect on the hours of work and serendipity that brought her on the screen of Roma. Her participation in the film was her first acting role, where she excelled as the only daughter of the examined household. It all happened by chance while being spotted by a casting scout who had seen her school photo.

The moment of chance did not stop there as her mother had originally declined the invitation for Daniela's audition. However, with a gentle reminder from Daniela that she had been raised to take seize opportunities and undertake life's challenges, they went to the audition where after a few rounds, Alfonso Cuarón found his Sofi.

After a morning of hair and makeup, Daniela Dons the dress that she will wear at the awards ceremony. Then complete the moment for the final touches. She carefully unties the bows on the PAPERTWINS boxes revealing the delicate jewelry inside. Joined by her parents on the journey, her mother helps out the selected necklace and earrings while her father looks on admiringly.

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