Masha Ozhigova

Kick. Push.

Masha Ozhigova, a budding skateboarder from Moscow gives us a ride on her endless summer across southern Spain. Armed with her sense of adventure and her board, her journey is magically captured by her mother, photographer Irina Ozhigova.

11:30 H// Top of Ramp to you from Santa Pola Skate Park

12:00 H // Palms and Smiles

14: 30 H // Vision of Pink at the Las Salinas de Torrevieja with my sister

15:00 H // Making a wish on the banks of the rose water of Las Salinas de Torrevieja

15:45 H// A dip in the pool after Siesta

Meet Masha

How old are you and how long have you been skating?

I am 10 years old and I got my first skateboard when I was 5.  Since then I have been skating with a coach for last year, and now I can do some tricks and riding more professionally.  

How would you describe your skate style?
My skate style is a more of a street riding style. I like riding on the city streets and finding new spots for tricks. 

How did you choose Spain for holiday?

We choose Spain, because we love Spain and Barcelona is a capital of skateboarding. Although on this trip we didn’t go to Barcelona this time, because we wanted to visit another cities and try their skate-parks, but I dream about Barcelona. The last time I was there I wasn’t skateboarder:). 

How is it to skate in Spain?

Oh, it was really great. Because you are riding under a sun, among tropical trees and colorful houses and it’s very beautiful, but my favorite place for riding was in Madrid at the skate-park Madrid Rio. 

What is your favorite memory of the trip?

My favorite memory is Safari Park Aitana. It was amazing. Very beautiful place and all animals are not in enclosures. You can touch most of them, but not the lion, of course:). It was really great. 

Who are some of you skate idols?

Oh, my favorite is Andy Anderson! He is so cool! You must watch this videos and you’ll like him too:) And I like also Nyjah Huston! 

Learn more about Masha and her joy to ride by following here.

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