Care Guide




We recommend wearing our jewelry on all occasions. However, your PAPERTWINS jewelry is precious and should be handled with care. We strongly suggest, especially with our littlest wearers, to remove before sleep and vigorous play. Further, it is encouraged to remove before swimming and bathing. To maintain the best shine and wear, avoid application of creams and/or sunscreen to your precious pieces. Our jewelry should be worn always under the care of an adult.


When its time to let your PAPERTWINS pieces rest, we recommend that you place them individually in soft fabric like the pouch provided to you upon purchase. This will help avoid unwanted scratches. Chains should be closed and laid flat in order to prevent tangling.


We recommend using soft lint-free cloths to clean and shine your PAPERTWINS pieces. To wash your jewelry, clean it with a very soft brush in soapy water, followed by a rinse in clean water. In addition, you can opt to have your pieces professionally cleaned by having them immersed in an ultrasonic tank containing warm soapy water.


Although Mother Nature has made them the strongest of precious stones, treat diamonds with care as they can still become chipped or scratched if they suffer numerous impacts. Additionally, setting prongs may become loose over time and you should check them to avoid any issues. To keep your precious stones shining, regular maintenance as outlined in this guide will help keep your pieces in good condition and provide the longevity to become an heirloom.